At RockStar Fitness Club we care about more than just your time in the gym. We take a 360 approach to your fitness and well-being that includes:

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Jack Bruno
Jack BrunoPersonal Trainer / Owner
Jack Bruno has over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer and in the Nutraceutical industry. He holds NASM, BFTA, PREMIER certifications and stays on top of the latest personal training and nutrition advancements to make sure his clients have every opportunity to succeed.

Like a lot of people, Jack started off as just a skinny kid and over the last 20 years has transformed himself into his current physique. No matter who you are, how old you are, or what your current level is, Jack can get you where you want to be!

Giddy Lopez
Giddy LopezPersonal Trainer / Owner
Giddel “Giddy” Lopez has been in the nutraceuticals and personal training industry for over 14 years. Believe it or not, Giddy started out a pretty scrawny guy. That’s what motivated him to learn everything he could about nutrition, supplements and personal training.

Giddy was able to achieve his fitness goals and has helped hundreds of people achieve theirs! Whether you’re just wanting to get in shape or are looking to bulk up, Giddy is here to make it happen.

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